Main Board Directors


     Ken Taggart                        Irene Jones                   Bob Wilkinson                                       Paul Hayes                   Geoff Hemmerman              


Ken Taggart


Chair of English Premier & National Ice Hockey Leagues
Referee Director and responsible for Insurance

Email:Ken Taggart
  Irene Jones
Company Secretary- Finance - Recreational
Email: Irene Jones
  Bob Willkinson
Juniors & Youth - England - Manager National North
Email: Bob Wilkinson 

  Mohammed Ashraff

Chief Referee

Email: Mohammed Ashraff
  Paul Hayes
Manager  National South
Email:Paul Hayes
  Geoff Hemmerman
 Women Leagues Chairman
Email: Geoff Hemmerman  


Registered office
12 Arnside Avenue

Senior Officers and Officals

Charles Dacres

Child Protection and Equity Officer

Email:  Charles Dacres
Mob: 07850 471284

Rita Mackriel
Junior Section Chair
Email:  Rita Mackriel
Mob:07711 322914

Malcolm Preen

Senior Statistician



Val Wilkinson

Player Registrations Secretary Junior & Youth
Secretary Junior & Youth Section
Administrator for International Transfers Under 18 years
EIHA Director of International Tournaments & Games
Email:  Val Wilkinson

Liz Moralee

Senior Registrations Secretary
Coaching Co-ordinator


Kate Cady

Head of Physiotherapy




English Premier League Management Team


League Management

Chairman Ken Taggart
Chief Referee Mohammad Ashraff
Administrator Mary Faunt
Fixtures Secretary Gary Dent
Teams Owners Rep Harry Howton
Statistician Malcolm Preen
Financial Administrator TBA
Discipline TBA
Registrations Liz Moralee

National League Manangement Team


National League Management Team
Chairman Ken Taggart


 Paul Hayes

Bob Wilkinson
  Charles Dacres
Administrator Mary Faunt
Fixtures Secretary Tony Lack  Dave Marples
Statistician Laurie Wilcock
Discipline Lynn Fyber Andy Worship
Registrations Liz Moralee


Womens Senior Leagues Management Team


Chairman Geoff Hemmerman
Secretary Sally Taylor
Fixtures Secretary Premier Anna Walters
Fixtures Secretary Div 1 North & South Hilary Jenkins

Discipline Secretary

Lynn Fyber
Committee Member South Sylvain Clifford
Committee Member North & England Coordinator Jacquiline Pye
Committee Member Player Rep Kim Sutton
Statistician Malcolm Preen
Registrations Liz Moralee