Child Protection

Every Child Matters

The Association has a duty of care for the large number of young players within its membership. There is a framework in place to provide support for players, clubs and coaches. Child protection is represented on the main Board by a Director and is managed by our National Equity & Child Protection Officer who is supported by regional CPO's and each club will have its own Child Protection officer in place. 

Why is child protection important?
Child protection is important for a number of reasons; firstly our sport provides opportunities for people to gain access to our young people through coaching managing, officiating, supporting and general associations through the facilities that we use.

We have a duty of care to our young people. 
Young people should be free to enjoy the sport free from any abuse or abuser.   We have heard the reports about young people being abused by those who they trust the most. We have heard that young people are afraid to speak up against these people and for many young people who have experienced abuse; their quality of life is severely impacted on and failure to recognise and address this issue within our sport can only add to the effects. 

We are also responsible for ensuring that young people within our sport and their parents or guardians can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we have taken every measure to safeguard their children against any form of abuse.   

What is the purpose?  
There are a number of people out there with the sole intention of harming young people. It is our responsibility to ensure that systems are in place to ensure that these people are not allowed anywhere near our sport.   We are therefore compelled to ensure that we have appropriate standards and measures in place to ensure that young people participating in ice hockey are free to enjoy the game without the threat of abuse at any level. 

What we do
Through careful and considered implementation of safeguarding measures we will implement a systematic approach which will ensure that people working within our sport in any capacity are made aware of the required standards for working with young people.

We are tasked with providing:-  

  • Support is provided to young people
  • Appropriate training to ensure that people are aware of the levels of child abuse.
  • Publicity is provided to all stake holders
  • Criminal checks are carried out
  • Standards for safeguarding children are followed
  • Appropriate action is taken against anyone who found to be operating outside the regulations as identified through safeguarding.
  • Policies, procedures and practice are continually reviewed to ensure best practice.
  • Individuals are identified within the sport to address matters as they arise.
  • Young people are made aware of how to report issues.
  • Appropriate documentation is in place for reporting abuse.
  • Reporting matters to the appropriate authorities.


Child Protection Issues

Do you have a child protection issue at your club?
And feel your voice will not be heard and would like
to discuss with one of our regional officers in confidence.
Contact details are below, just select the officer’s name
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National Equity 
Child Protection Officer
Charles Dacres
Tel: 07850 471284 
Barbara Brown 
Tel:01274 676414
Roger Bates
Tel: 01902 374785
Tel: 07595 444879